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VHTC 2023 Tentative Show Schedule

Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ  Feb 16-26  7
Saddlebred Pro-AM Perry, GA  April 5-8  SB
Magnolia Spring Classic  Perry, GA  April 21-23 12/14, 12/15
Region 12  Ocala, FL  May 2-7  12
Buckeye  Wilmington, OH  May 18-21  14
Region 13/(Preshow)  Wilmington, OH June 20-25  13
Cleveland Tri-State Charity  Cleveland, TN  June 27-July 1  SB
Youth Nationals  Oklahoma City, OK July 13-22 NAT
Region 14/Silverama (Preshow) Wilmington, OH Aug. 16-20 14
Worlds Championship  Louisville, KY  Aug. 19-26  NAT
Southeastern Charity Conyers, GA  TBD  SB
U.S. Nationals Tulsa, OK  Oct. 20-28  NAT


Fees & Pricing:


Vicki Humphrey Training Center Fee Schedule 2023

Performance/Halter Training $1,300.00/mo
Conditioning $1,100.00/mo
Stall Board $900.00/mo
Pasture Board $650.00/mo
Lessons (on your own horse) $65.00/each (30 minutes)
Lessons (on a lesson horse) $45.00/each (30 minutes)
Show Fees
No Show Fee (Horses only schooling at a show) $250.00
Class A Shows (1 day) $800.00
Class A Shows (2 or more days) $1,200.00
Buckeye $1,500.00
Regional Championships $1,500.00
NSH Finals $2,000.00
Youth Nationals $3,500.00
Scottsdale All-Arabian $3,500.00
Canadian Nationals $3,500.00
U.S. Nationals $4,000.00
Patron, Sponsorships, Tack Stalls, And Stall Front Charges Divided among horses at show
Bedding, Early Arrival Fees Billed as charged
Other Services
Photo or Video Preparation of Horse $50
Video Editing $30
Upload Video To Website $30
Miscellaneous Fees
Hauling ($100.00 minimum) $1.00/mile (or commercial rate when applicable)
Body Clip $200.00
Show Clip (Face and finish up) $75.00
Buggy Rental $50.00
Farrier/Veterinarian Charges Billed as charged plus holding fee if applicable
When paying with Credit card.  3.35% will be added to total.

Training and conditioning fees are billed at the first of the month and are due when billed. Interest on all unpaid balances begin on the tenth and all horses whose bills are 30 days in arrears will be sent home or put-on board until such time as the bill is paid in full. No horse will be trained if payments are not current.

Show Fees include all trainer expenses, groom expenses, and horse preparation charges. Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-member fees, bedding at shows, pro-rated tack and groom stalls, and hauling fees are to be paid by owner and are not included in Show Fee. Day fees include all days on the road. Show Fees are billed 30 days in advance and are due two weeks prior to departure. All prize money will be retained by the clients.

Non- payment may result in your horse not being shown.

All horses are required to have a current negative Coggins, all inoculations, and to be dewormed every 60 days, all of which will be administered by VHTC’s Veterinarian and regulated by VHTC.

(Training fees include 1 lesson per week on training horse.)